we are not afraid

Lovers, listen!
We are not afraid anymore
Even though we are a rag-tag army
hardly 4-score in number, stumbling, blundering on to the battlefield,
we are braver now.
With bold colours on our shields,
we push forward with cardboard swords drawn
and courage born of a war cry.
We have fought and died looking ridiculous in bike-helmets
bubble-wrap bandanas, ice-cream buckets and baggy, baggy trousers
but, whatever
ours is an army of love
and we are not afraid anymore

and we are not afraid anymore
as we stand like soldiers
shoulder to solid shoulder, drawn into the fold
to stare down their lines
once more.
And once more we are awestruck by the sheer force of their numbers
by the roar and the rumble
of tanks, rocket launchers and tridents
we are all of us frightened
as black smoke stalks the sky and rides in vicious clouds
above their ranks
but this is where we make a stand
holding hands for courage
and for warmth
and we are not afraid anymore

and we are not afraid anymore
even though we have fallen and fallen in numbers
even though we have replaced passing-out parades
with funeral processions, dressed in our best bandages and eye patches
dressed in military badges, ropes and formal tourniquets
dressed with 1,2,3,4 bullet hole broaches sprayed across our breasts
blood-lines are severed, we are the only ones left
but this is where a dream, becomes a passion, becomes a cause
and we are not afraid anymore.

Because ours is an army of love
and love is the engine of everything
love turns nothing into anything
love with a single word stirs and sets fire to stars
crushes galaxies one into the other
Love pulls those beautiful oceans uncovered into air
and draws the mountains from the earth
we have seen it.
There is more power in the simple breath of love than in all the weapons of the world
and that power is ours
because when you act on the desire to make something beautiful,
when you act with love
then love is with you,
Love is a flame-thrower in your hands just begging to be used
and now,
with love’s colours tattooed across our chests
we are armed beyond measure,
we fight with the force of a thousand sunsets,
the momentum of earth
the passion and the flame of stars
that power has always been ours
but we are not afraid anymore
so lovers, are you with me?
so lovers, are you with me?

And now with love on our side,
we can hardly hide our excitement
we squeeze each others hands
we are shoulder to shoulder standing
now walking, now striding, now running
now running, now running
now bursting flooding across the battlefield green
our feet are furiously flicking between cow-pats and rocky out-crops
we are as rag-tag and as menacing as ewoks
but there’s no stopping us now
we are the sounds of trumpets, torch-fires and banners on the fly
shells tear the earth where we weave, but we’re reaching full-stride
with our cardboard swords drawn and courage born of a war cry
and now we charge, slide, slam into their lines
like a marsh mellow wrecking-ball
we send them mannequin meat malleable
30ft, falling into air
we teach through them
like grenades into tofu
like trains into ripe watermelons
it rains automatic-weapon parts, metal shards and sheets of tank armour
and see,
we’ve hardly started
but we’re already laughing
already puffing out our chests and just strutting
like we don’t give a shit about nothing
like every sin that we’ve suffered makes sense
if it finishes here
with love, in a rage, setting fire to the world
let’s set fire to the world
let’s set fire to the world!

So here. Let it finish here.
Let the legacies of injustice
be battered into history and dust
let the fallen live in memory
let the lovers live in love
we have come this far and this is enough
Let the white haired Hafiz now tell it like it is:
“When love and not fear pleads for peace
there is no violence in the world that can resist.”
So cry havoc, and let slip the doves of war
because we are not afraid, anymore
we are not afraid

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