The Breadcrumb Stars

How will i find my way back to you?
Breadcrumb stars and a path laid out between regret and sorrow and how i miss u
The only thing I truly own is this longing
this love
drawn from this breast and tied to your ankle
winding out in sighs of a delicate violence
i adore u
and so thru the gentle turn of days
I yearn and I pine and I burn
and my hurt and my longing unfurl homewards
like a ladder of lace woven from stars
drawn from this ancient faith, from this ancient heart
from this nowhere here to your nowhere, i don’t know where you are
But i want to be with u
and so i pack a toothbrush every morning
and search for u in the thought every sunset
because i can’t find my way home on my own
and i can’t live like this
so tell me the truth,
i am yr child now either way, but tell me the truth
am i too far gone?
am i lost to you forever?
am i too far gone?
am i lost to you forever?

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