A Beautiful Surrender

(Audio Book, 32m)

Sample Chapter, A Beautiful Surrender:

With Shai Shriki accompanying on oud, A Beautiful Surrender is a new Ecstatic Erotica audio-book. Drawing on four separate Sufi teaching stories, we follow three dervishes as they seek to offer themselves to a beautiful, if sometimes ruthless Queen. Only one succeeds in making it past her defences, but The Queen will test his commitment to surrender.

A Lover is a Seeker

(Audio Book, 33m)

Sample Chapter, A Lover is a Seeker:

Following the story of the first time Rumi met Shams, and the Passion of Sufi martyr Mansoor Al-Hallaj, this Ecstatic Erotica audio-book highlights the focus and longing that love demands, and the way love is created from the inside out. With the stellar Peter Hunt on guitar.

A Dream of Smoke

(Live recording, 29m)

Sample Chapter, A Dream of Smoke:

Recorded live at the 2016 Splendour in the Grass Festival. How do you take the tenderness of Ecstatic Erotica to the mayhem of a major music festival? A Dream of Smoke draws out the erotic lessons from three teaching stories – Rumi’s story of the Three Princes, Jesus Christ’s Cleansing of the Temple, and the Mummification of Master Liuquan. With Peter Hunt on guitar and Danika Papillon on keys.

Thomas performing at the Zorba Festival, Byron Bay

Duets of Longing – Poetry and Duduk

(Audio Stories, 17m minutes)

$5.00 – AUD

Thomas Keily joins Michael Graf on the Armenian Duduk, for two pieces rich with longing.

1. Song of Adam (9:05 minutes)

Based on a unique Sufi interpretation of the story of Adam, the first human, Song of Adam comes through in Gabriel’s voice, helping Adam to remember why he has chosen a path of longing, separation and forgetfulness. It celebrates the unique role humans play, as the vessels of forgetting and the midwives of duality, and affirms that each moment is an invitation to remember the totality of divinity.

2. The Wine of Longing (8:08 minutes)

Four short meditations on the longing a spiritual seeker feels. 3 love letters to God and one reply.